Join Corey Dowds for teachings on Vedic Astrology, Yogic philosophy, Nakshatras, Omens, Financial Astrology, and much more.

Learn the ageless wisdom of the Yogis. The Vedic arts like Jyotish and Ayurveda are incredibly psychologically rich and have the potential to be profoundly healing when coming from an experienced practitioner. I say ageless because what was taught then still applies to modern times, as we will see in this course.

When done well, Astrology has a way of putting us back in harmony with ourselves and nature that is irreplaceable. The light of Astrology continues to burn bright even in these modern times, and in these courses we will see why that is.

The courses all contain video lectures and a written manual. They vary from just 2 or 4 hours to 20 or more hours, depending on the course. You can take the course one class at a time, or you can order it all at once. With each course you will get pdfs and plenty of other materials to refer to after. Once purchased you get lifetime access, and all material is downloadable. Subscriptions and regular livestreams are coming soon. I have a lot of exciting courses planned!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions here: [email protected]

Hi, I'm Corey Dowds, professional Vedic Astrologer and Teacher of Yoga. I have practiced Kriya Yoga and Vedic Astrology for 14 years. I was initiated and taught Kriya Yoga by Ryan Kurczak and Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. I learned Vedic Astrology from Ryan Kurczak as well, completing his Vedic Astrology training courses. I did further studies with Ernst Wilhelm, whom I still study with. I am also trained, though less formally, in ayurveda and sanskrit. At this time, I feel called to teach more, as the world needs more skilled advisors and counselors, and I invite you to join me in this work.

-Corey Dowds

Ongoing Nakshatra Course!

This is a really in depth course on the nakshatras that I will be teaching all throughout 2022. It covers the mythological background of the vedic nakshatras as well as how to use them in every day chart reading practice. I have worked on this one course for over 4 years and the time is finally right to teach it! This course is offerred on a subscription basis. There is now an option to take this course along with the jyotish and yoga philosophy as a bundle, $27 USD/month.

Click Here For The Financial Astrology And Cryptocurrency Master Course (Udaya Jyotisha)

Financial Astrology, or "Udaya Jyotisha" is the Astrology of upward movement in life. This 20+ hour course is more than just how to make more money, but how to move upward in each of the four aims of life. This is the course to take if you want to learn how to make the most of the financial karma in your chart.

Vedic Astrology And Yoga Philosophy Ongoing Course For 2022! Subscribe Here!

Learn how to apply Ageless Wisdom to the modern world through the language of Vedic Astrology. This course aims to train one in Vedic Astrology as well as in skillful living principles passed down through the Yogic traditions. Thus making one a more enlightened astrologer. Astrology can be a great aid to the spiritual path, and it can be a spiritual path in and of itself. This is the aim of the course. To help bring about more well-rounded guides, truly able to advise another in a holistic manner.

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