Udaya Jyotisha: The Astrology Of Gain And Upward Movement In Life

In Vedic Philosophy, there is no real difference between spiritual and material realities, and thus to help someone materially is to help them spiritually, and vice versa. It is in that spirit that I offer the Udaya Jyotisha, the Astrology of gain and upward movement in life.

We don't have to sell our soul to earn our living in this world. We can be spiritual and be wealthy at the same time.

These classes do more than teach us how to make the most of our investments, and how to use astrology to time market movements. They help us learn how to live skillfully and move upward in life in a dharmic way.

About This Course

In 2020 I got deeply into the study of financial astrology. A client hired me to find the luckiest times to visit the casino, and it was very successful. After reviewing my own chart, I decided I needed to investigate financial astrology more. It wasnt long before I started getting very deep into it, and got quite lucky enough times to feel called to study it more seriously. It was not long before it became very clear that cryptocurrency was the best investment of 2020. I dove into it, and was greatly rewarded.

By 2021 I was teaching zoom classes on it. We ended up teaching over 18 hours of material, each class building upon the next. Im very happy with the techniques and material we covered, and Im now offering all the classes together as a course.

This course is what became of those sessions. This is all of the classes I taught on financial astrology in 2021. It consists of 9 full classes, each one about 2 hours long, as well as 2 other supplemental classes. Overall it is more than 20 hours of video lectures. Each class teaches new techniques and concepts and builds upon the previous material.

The course comes with a manual and a section on each class, as well as numerous other pdfs on various astrological information.

One also gets access to a private telegram group chat, with a community of other astrologers, and myself, to share insights or ask questions to.

This is called the "level 1 Master Course" course because it is everything I have taught on financial astrology as of the time of this writing (Feb 2022). I do plan to teach a level 2 course this year, but one will most likely be quite lost if they have not already taken the material covered in this course. So take this first and stay tuned for the level 2 course to come in spring of 2022.

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What We Cover:

This class covers a lot of things. I teach a lot of techniques and show how to layer them all together. Some of the techniques covered are:

How trigger tansits work. How to use the three types of aspects in Jyotish. How each sign and bhava works in the context of financial astrology. How to use dignity, karakas, ashtakavarga, lunar wealth yogas, dhana yogas, vargas, varshaphala, sahams, dashas, sanskrit sounds of coins and many other techniques that I have found to be very useful over the course of my practice in market forecasting as well as natal chart services.

We cover how to store and invest wealth along with Vastu and vedic principles. We cover when to buy and sell. How to use mundane lunar new year charts and incorporate sahams and mudda dasha.

We have an entire class each on Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, and Rahu and Ketu, and what they represent in the markets.

This was all taught in 2021 and I gave ongoing predictions for the markets in each one, and will continue to in the level 2 course for 2022. You will see for yourself how accurate these predictions turned out to be. I predicted both of the All Time Highs for BTC and this course has the evidence and takes you step by step through how and why I made those predictions as I was making them.

The source material for the astrology portion of this course will be mainly from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Jaimini Sutras, Phala Deepika, Bhavartha Ratnakara, Yavana Jataka and other jyotish works. 


"Im glad I became a student of Eye of the Veda. I have found Corey to be the most helpful resource for Astrology and becoming a better reader."

-Eli C.