Udaya Jyotisha: The Astrology of Upward Movement in Life

This class focuses on how to read Jupiter in order to see how the overall foundation of wealth and abundance in the native's chart is. This class also focuses on how to read Jupiter's transits impact on the movements of the markets. Combining dignity, lajjitaadi avasthas, ashtakavarga and more, we find extremely accurate and quite simple techniques for reading the markets with a special focus on the evolving cryptocurrency market. While this course focuses on cryptocurrency, the technniques work just as well on the stock market.

Feel free to check out my work on youtube to get a feel for my teaching style before taking the class https://www.youtube.com/eyeoftheveda

Class Details

Please note that this is just for the jupiter class, not the entire course.

This class was originally taught on July 29th, 2021, right as the crypto bull market was revving up, as I had predicted in the previous class, class 5.

This class shares the concepts and techniques behind that prediction and how to make similar ones. The main lesson is on how we can see the overall foundation of the economy and markets by reading the long term transits of Jupiter. To get the most out of this class, start the course from the beginning, but also this course is still very useful as a stand alone class.

This class is 2 hours long, and includes a manual on financial astrology, as well as a pdf on lajjitaadi avasthas. You also get access to the telegram group, where you can ask questions with other astrologers and students.

In this class, as well as all the classes in the course, I always give out predictions for how I feel the markets will move in the future, and this one gives forecasts for into 2022 as well.

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  Financial Astrology And Cryptocurrency Class 6: Jupiter As The Wealth Foundation
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