Udaya Jyotisha: The Astrology of Upward Movement in Life

This class is about 2 hours long, and focuses on how to make the most of the Rahu and Ketu placements in our chart in the specific context of finances and managing our investments wisely. This class gets into how our charts show that not everyone should follow the same investment strategy, and their is a unique balance that must be found within the individual. Rahu and Ketu are key to finding that balance. We cover how the placement of the lunar nodes in each of the four elements impacts the psyche of the investor, and of the markets as a whole.

We also cover each of the 12 signs in the context of financial astrology.

Class Details

The class was taught on Dec 6th, 2021, and is part of the ongoing Udaya Jyotisha course. The class is about 2 hours, and you also get 2 pdfs, a manual on rahu and ketu as well as a written manual for the entire financial astrology course that I give out to anyone who takes any of the classes in the course.

This class also goes over each of the 12 rashis in the context of financial astrology, as in what is the sign of buying and selling, getting paid, etc.

In this class, as well as all the classes in the course, I always give out predictions for how I feel the markets will move in the future, and this one gives forecasts for into 2022 as well.

Please note, this is only one class in the course. You can purchase the course as a whole as well, this is for those that just want to take one and see if they like it.

Example Curriculum

  Financial Astrology and Cryptocurrency level 1: Class 9: Rahu and Ketu
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