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Do you ever wonder why the diety Pushan rules Revati nakshatra, and not Pushya nakshatra, since it literally has his name in it? Do you ever wonder why Rohini and Mrigashira of all nakshatras would have the snake yoni? Do you ever wonder how to use the house cusp a nakshatra falls in? Do you ever wonder what how to evaluate a planet in a nakshatra as strong or weak? If so, this is the course for you!

This ongoing course teaches the background, meaning, and application of the Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology in a modern chart reading context. The mythology of each star, its history, but even more importantly, how to use this information practically is shown in this course.

There are video lectures for each of the 27 nakshatras with numerous examples of how to see and use the techniques given, not just one or two examples and then moving on. As the course unfolds, I show how various techniques are layered in to synthesize Nakshatras into a great reading.

The examples of how to use nakshatras are not just in natal charts, but also for mundane astrology and prashna as well.

Each class is downloadable and contains numeroud pdfs and a written manual on Nakshatra. The course also comes with access to a private group chat with other Astrologers and students to ask questions and share thoughts as the course unfolds. I will be uploading videos to this course regularly throughout the year.

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NOTE: This course is now offerred as a "bundle" option, along with the Jyotish and Yogic Philosophy course. You can take both for the price of one, $27USD/month. See the bundle option on the course menu or click HERE.

The main source material for this ongoing course will be the Nakshatra Sutras from the Taittireya Brahmana, a part of the Krishna Yajur Veda, an extremely ancient text. This text is as "Vedic" as it gets, and has sanskrit sutras cryptically explaining the nature and energy of each of the 27 nakshatras.

The thing is, as I will explain in this course in detail, there really is not that much great source material on the nakshatras, and there is an incredible amount of embellishment of the nakshatras in the current "youtube astrology" scene. To understand the nakshatras best, there are astronomical principles to understand that are often overlooked. This course aims to remedy that, focusing on actual research over click-baity thumbnails. Not just using 2 or 3 charts as examples, but 10 or more for each star, and with examples for each nakshatra that are beyond just normal natal astrology. Such as how to use nakshatras in missing person prashnas and muhurta charts as well.

The goal of this course is to adapt the nakshatra to modern astrological contexts while not embellishing them or mistaking them for the qualities of the Rashis that overlap with them.

I cover the mythology, meaning, and various qualities and classifications that the 27 nakshatras fall under, and how to use them in practice, as well as the common questions and mysteries around each one.

I go deeply into the sanskrit names and the stories behind them. I cover the Deities that rule them, and the stories behind each star field. The nakshatra are given many unique qualities such as Dhatu, Mula, or Jeeva, or Rajas, Tamas, or Sattva. We focus also on the unique nature of each star (such as ugra and kruura, laghu and kshipra, dhruva and sthira, etc.)

Examples are given for how to use each star and synthesize them into your Astrology practice. The course comes with a manual, and several pdfs, and all material is downloadable. The subscription gets you access to other courses as well, including a telegram group chat to ask questions to me and other astrologers.

In the future I may offer this course with other bonuses along with the Jyotish course. See the courses page for all the bundle options.

Feel free to check out my youtube channel to familiarize yourself with my style of teaching before deciding to study with me.


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Hi, I'm Corey Dowds, professional Vedic Astrologer and Teacher of Yoga. I have practiced Kriya Yoga and Vedic Astrology for 14 years. I was initiated and taught Kriya Yoga by Ryan Kurczak and Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. I learned Vedic Astrology from Ryan Kurczak as well, completing his Vedic Astrology training courses. I then did further studies with Ernst Wilhelm, who I still study with. I am also trained, though less formally, in ayurveda and sanskrit. At this time, I feel called to teach more, as the world needs more skilled advisors and counselors, and I invite you to join me in this work.

-Corey Dowds

Varuna, Lord of Shatabhishak Nakshatra